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Last year’s ASUS ROG Phone was powerful, brutal, stuffed with technology – a real monster. He literally took your money from your pocket, but I survived. Which, most likely, will not happen this time, because ASUS ROG Phone 2 is some kind of tin …

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    ASUS ROG Phone 2 Release Date

Display, which are few
ASUS ROG Phone 2 has a unique matrix. The first is AMOLED. Secondly, the refresh rate of the picture here is 120 Hz (in the past generation, 90 Hz). The combination of these two technologies makes the screen unique – there is nothing like it on the market.

However, this is far from all. The response time is 1 ms – in principle, the same as in the predecessor . However, competitors have this value, as a rule, higher – somewhere around 25 ms.

AMOLED display ASUS ROG Phone 2

Another top feature is the sensitivity of the sensor layer of 240 Hz. I remember in the fall Apple introduced the iPhone XS Max with 120 Hz. It was great, but Asus has now gone further. Its touch layer responds to touch almost instantly – the delay is only 49 ms, and the Apple treadmill has 75 ms. Such a clear difference.

In addition, the ASUS ROG Phone 2 display boasts the following numbers:

6.59 inches, aspect ratio 19.5: 9
resolution 2340 by 1080 pixels, density 391 dpi
108% DCI-P3 color profile coverage
safety glass Gorilla Glass 6
scanner on screen (works fine)
Other specs regarding the display are available here .

Compare ASUS ROG Phone 2 and ASUS ROG Phone 1
Left new, right ROG 1st generation

Fierce performance
Games fly at the highest possible settings. Moreover, some titles are already optimized for a 120 Hz screen. For example, after running PUBG Mobile on ROG Phone 2, I refused to return the test instance to the manufacturer. He has a lot of samples, but now I can’t play the royal battle on any other device.

There is no throttling, because the smartphone does not overheat. Firstly, there is no such task that would be able to properly load it. During tight cuts, the temperature does not rise above 39 degrees. Secondly, performance does not drop, as this is prevented by the cooling system. The passive part in the face of the evaporation chamber is located inside.

Smartphone ASUS ROG Phone 2 with 12 GB of RAM

The active component on the outside is in the AeroActive Cooler II accessory with a built-in cooler and branded backlight. The gadget lowers the temperature of the device by 5 degrees, and also comes bundled with the device.

We’ll omit the benchmark results for now – I have only an engineering, not a final sample on my hands. However, I can assure you that the numbers are impressive even now.

Asus ROG Phone ZS600KL accessories
On the example of the first generation

A significant part in the top performance is taken by the type of internal memory. ASUS ROG Phone 2 is the third smartphone in the world that runs on a UFS 3.0 flash drive. If anything, the first was Samsung Fold , which no one already remembers. The second was OnePlus 7 Pro , which is at least for sale. However, the main thing is different – the reading standard of the new standard is about 1.5 GB / s, which is two times higher than UFS 2.1.

Brutal design
I am extremely skeptical of all gaming gimmicks. Not a fan of an elaborate designer, and I don’t really play games either. However, the exterior of ROG Phone 2 came to me.

A hole for removing heat from the body of the smartphone ASUS ROG Phone 2

Firstly, a huge display does its job. It is convenient to play on it, climb the Web, flipping Insta’s feed and much more useful and not very much. Secondly, the glass case: the 6th “gorilla” in front and some other (generation not specified) at the back. All elements fit together perfectly. Well, the control to the head is RGB-backlighting with the Republic of Gamers logo. Damn it! That looks cool!

Attention to detail is maximum. For example, on the back there is a tiny grille, which is not only for beauty. It releases excess heat from inside the case. Wah!

Buy ASUS ROG Phone 2

Further. A separate RGB LED is hidden directly under the LED flash, which sets fire to different colors of the rainbow logo on smartphone covers. It would seem that the backlight could be duplicated using the standard logo on the cover, but ASUS decided to get confused.

On the right side, which is in landscape orientation, is on top, there are two AirTriggers 2 sensor triggers. They are sensitive to touch, vibrate during use and are indicated by the corresponding pattern. Some games (Asphalt 9) have their own vibration feedback map.

AirTriggers 2 touch trigger in ASUS ROG Phone 2
AirTriggers 2

And that’s not all. There are two USB-C connectors on the case. One from the bottom is standard USB 2.0. The second high-speed (3.1) and is located on the side. In a horizontal position, he is exactly between the hands, thereby not interfering with the game. In addition, a ton of branded accessories are connected through this port, which we already managed to talk about here.

In addition to peak volume, sound pleases with quality. Even when the slider is twisted to the maximum, the speakers do not hiss, do not creak and do not make any extraneous sounds. Playing through the speakers in the same PUBG Mobile is very difficult – the sound of shots makes you startle every time.

Battery for many days
Here the golden rule worked. A screen with a large diagonal not only increases the dimensions of the case, but also allows you to install a capacious battery under the hood. In the case of ASUS ROG Phone 2, this is a battery for as many as 6 thousand “swings”.

It is too early to evaluate autonomy, yet only an engineering, non-profit model is on hand. However, it is now clear that the device will live absolutely calmly 2-3 full for away from the outlet during normal use. On the other hand, why buy ASUS ROG Phone 2, if you use it according to the standard scenario. The device needs to be thrashed in games, for this everything is created here. The manufacturer has already shared his information on this subject: 7.1 hours of continuous play in PUBG Mobile at the peak of graphics. Thumbs up!

Display ASUS ROG Phone 1st generation
1st generation
2nd Generation ASUS ROG Phone Display
2nd generation

Despite the fierce volume of the battery, the device charges quickly – in 1 hour 40 minutes. You do not need to buy a special adapter from ASUS for this. It is enough to use any 30 W power supply and a 3-amp cable for charging. Just!

There is no wireless charging. And this is perhaps the only thing that is not in this smartphone. In addition, the device itself does not know how to share energy. But willingly accepts from other smartphones.

Cameras in trend

I propose declaring 2019 the year of Sony IMX586.
I do not remember so popular among sensor manufacturers. Every second flagship today uses this particular matrix as the main camera.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 cameras

In general, I would not call the IMX586 a top-end sensor. With proper software optimization, it removes very, very decently. However, this year, the RYBY sensor in the Huawei P30 Pro and software from Google in the Pixel 3 series sets the bar for the quality of mobile photography .

Be that as it may, ASUS ROG Phone 2 should shoot with dignity. Not perfunctory, but very decent. Unfortunately, an engineering sample fell into my hands, so it’s too early to draw any conclusions about cameras. But here are the specs currently known to you:

48 megapixels – the main module Sony IMX586, aperture f / 1.79, pixel size 1.6 microns
13 megapixel – wide angle lens, angle 125 °
24 megapixel – f / 2.2 front camera (HDR and background blur are still available in 6-megapixel mode)
The smartphone writes video in 4K resolution at 60 FPS. It is still too early to evaluate the final quality. However, now we can say that the detail is at its best. Particularly struck by the lightning-fast refocusing on objects in the field of view of the camera.

The smartphone runs on the ninth version of Android. Nothing is known about updating to future versions. In any case, the ROG UI shell is put at the forefront here. Catchy design, vivid animation (especially when you turn on the X-mode) – all this adds charm to the smartphone.

ASUS ROG Phone 2 SIM Card – No Micro SD Slot

Missing the stock “green robot” can rejoice. A smartphone with a clean Android theme will be provided. An unexpected and very right step from the manufacturer.

Particularly pleased with the game mode X. It optimizes and without such a weak system resources for games. There are a billion or two settings like custom controls, disabling notifications, screen recording, and much more. Most of all, the ability to track key indicators of a smartphone in real time came to me – the banner is placed directly on top of the games.

ASUS promises a very reasonable price for the ROG Phone 2. Even though in stock it comes with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal memory of the UFS 3.1 standard. However, there is no exact information yet.

In general, it is very difficult to recall a smartphone stuffed with various technologies as generously. Here is an advanced cooling system, the world’s most productive Snapdragon 855+ chipset, an AMOLED panel with 120 Hz scan, two USB-C, and much more. Against the background of all this, there is a chance that the device will be of interest not only to gamers, but also to technologists. It’s nice when your device bypasses 95% of competitors in many ways, and in some ways is unique.

Reviews ASUS ROG Phone 2

There is also a chance that users who are tired of numerous bars of the same type with and without bangs will be interested in the device. Yes, the design of the new “horn” is not for everyone. But it is artsy (in a good way) and 100% unique. Well, the loud and high-quality speakers, as well as autonomy at the level of three days, will become pleasant bonuses for end users.


UPDATE! Smartphone prices have just been announced for the Chinese market. In total, six options will be available, differing among themselves in the amount of internal memory and the number of nishtyaks in the kit. In the minimum configuration (8 + 128 GB of memory) for the device will be asked for $ 509 or 32 thousand rubles. Very sweet for such iron, is not it ?. An evil modification of 12 and 512 gigs will cost $ 901 or 57 thousand rubles. The model in the Esports Armor Version configuration (obviously, we are talking about a suitcase with all accessories) will cost $ 1,900 .

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