Honor 20

by Anant

Honor’s long-suffering smartphone, shown in London at the height of the U.S. sanctions against China. These days, the mobile division of Huawei could not even navigate: show the Honor 20 along with the Honor 20 Pro or leave only one. As a result, we decided to present both devices, but I’ll bring Honor 20 to Russia. I won’t even joke about how many times I had to rewrite the text about the first look at the new items.

Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties of the Chinese company, the device still gets to our country. Already now on the official website hangs a prepared page with the start of pre-order on June 14.

A little offtopic to briefly explain the situation on Huawei / Honor devices: all current devices will interact with the Google Play app store without any problems, the only caveat is that they will not receive new versions of the Google Android OS. However, as you know, smartphones are equipped with their own proprietary shell, so the versions of the “android”, by and large, do not play a special role. According to statistics from Google itself (dated May 7, 2019), the Android 9.0 Pie operating system is installed on only 10.4% of devices. Other ten vendors will receive the “top ten” at the end of this year at best, but in reality – by the middle of next. Therefore, I’m sorry for the slang, I would not take a steam bath about the latest version of the OS for Huawei / Honor.

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One way or another, the EMUI / Magic update will be released, which will include all Android Q chips.

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Returning to the Honor 20 smartphone. At the moment it will be the flagship model of the Honor brand. The device received a top-end Kirin 980 processor, a lot of cameras for all occasions, a capacious battery and fast charging, a high-quality screen with an IPS matrix. It has two original chips: a front camera in the display and an additional camera for shooting macro objects.

When buying a Honor 20 (cost 28,000 rubles), True Wireless Honor FlyPods lite headphones (they cost 8,000 rubles by themselves) come as a gift.

There are no major changes regarding the Honor View 20 in the Honor 20. Tactilely it is the same relatively plump case, large dimensions and weight. The rear panel received a new design, which was called Dynamic Holographic Design. Let me remind you that in View 20 on the lid was a mirror image in the form of the Latin letter “V”. In the case of Honor 20, there is no such picture: in the reflection of the back panel you see a slightly distorted reality with the effect of a three-dimensional “curved mirror”: Triple 3D Mesh is a compression method that combines three layers of materials, including glass, a color layer and a depth layer.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
“Our R&D team managed to not only compress these three thin layers into one, but also place them on top of the curved surface of the casing. After lengthy trial and error, the developers used a special pump to make the layers more closely contact each other. Due to this complex process, only 20 out of 100 panels meet our quality standards. This indicates a technological breakthrough of the merger of three layers of different densities on an uneven surface. In the end, we get a better look and comfortable hand grip. ”

Words are hard to describe. I can’t say that it’s cool, but rather original. In photographs and in video, it will not be possible to fully convey the impression due to the optical characteristics of the camera lenses. We had a black version of the “twenty” on our review. Visually – it’s just a black glass block. Blue looks much more spectacular. An oleophobic coating is applied on both sides of the smartphone. Therefore, fingerprints should not worry you.

In the upper thin die of the front panel there is a light sensor, an event indicator, a spoken speaker under a metal mesh. The speaker is loud, the interlocutor is audibly legible, the timbre is shifted to the mid frequencies. Since the speaker is at the very edge, periodically had to position the phone near the ear so that it was comfortably audible. Sometimes the smartphone had to be kept almost sideways – another problem of modern frameless phones: there is no place for an adequate speaker location, so they can be distorted. A sad trend, in my opinion.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
Despite its dimensions, the Honor 20 is excellent in the hand, I want to use it.

Bottom – microphone, USB-C and speaker. Here it is called “Virtual 9.1 surround sound.” Yes, the sound is rich and rich, loud and clear, but without using several speakers it is impossible to achieve surround sound.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
On the left are the slide for two SIM cards. On the right is the mechanical power button into which the fingerprint scanner is integrated (I wonder how the Sony Mobile division reacted to this?). The idea is good. The button has sharp edges. This does not interfere with the work with the device, just a statement of fact. A little higher is the volume rocker.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
At the top there is a proximity sensor (initially I thought it was an IR transmitter) and a second microphone.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
And behind the smartphones there is such a story: a very large module with three lenses with a flash, and another camera was built in next, in my subjective opinion, this is a real rudiment.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
The device received a display whose diagonal is 6.26 inches. The View 20 smartphone has a screen diagonal of 6.4 inches. The resolution of the new display is FullHD +, that is 2340×1080 pixels. Note that manufacturers have sharply refused high resolutions in almost all of their products. The Honor 20 matrix is made using IPS technology. Probably for a certain number of users this is a big plus. The differences between the screens of Honor 20 and View 20 I did not notice.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
Perhaps the most interesting thing about this phone is the display with a hole for the front camera. The appearance of this design option is quite logical in itself: you need to make thin screen frames without cutouts, but somewhere you need to squeeze the camera for a selfie. As far as I know, now there are already working prototypes, where the camera for “self” is located under the screen.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
By the way, at the presentation we were told that the dark space around the eye of the selfie camera in Honor 20 was slightly reduced. Comparing with View 20, I did not notice this.

You can hide the dark circle! However, the entire top line of notifications is filled with black. I think a completely pointless venture.

The brightness of white is 380 cd / m2, the brightness of black is 0.5 cd / m2, the contrast is 750: 1. In fact, these indicators are quite standard. At certain angles, the screen goes pinkish. In the light, the Honor 20 display behaves with dignity, the picture almost does not fade.

Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20 Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20 Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20 Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20 Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20 Review of the 5-camera smartphone Honor 20
Total: a good option for those who prefer the IPS-matrix – high brightness, nice colors, excellent sensitivity.

Working hours
The smartphone received a battery capacity of 3750 mAh. Let me remind you that in View 20, a 4000 mAh battery.

The operating time of the Honor 20 is impressive – up to 7 hours of screen glow at auto brightness and about 30 hours without recharging. Dry numbers: playing videos at maximum brightness – 10.5 hours (up to 13 hours in the View 20), games – 5 hours (up to 5.5 hours in View 20).

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