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by Anant

OPPO introduced the flagship smartphone model called Find X2. Previously, the Find X series of devices was technologically unique and breakthrough. In a way, Find Xs were concepts for sale.

Today, Oppo’s strategy has changed: everything is aimed at satisfying ordinary users. Actually, that’s why there is nothing extraordinary in Find X2 – it is a relatively familiar smartphone on a modern chassis.

Find X2 highlights several key features:

Large screen with support for 120 Hz, HDR 10+ and hardware “acceleration” of Ultra Vision Engone content.
Cameras. They installed a 5x hybrid zoom, a 48 MP main camera and a wide-angle lens with a Sony IMX708 sensor.
Fast charge 65 W, allowing you to energize your smartphone up to 60% in just 15 minutes.
Powerful processor. Of course, this is Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 with all that it implies.
For Russia, 5G support will be disabled by hardware, and if you are planning to go to Europe or the USA, where the 5th generation network will function, then 5G in Find X2 will still not work.

Immediately after the presentation, OPPO opened a pre-order for the device. The cost at the time of writing is unknown (probably we are talking about 70,000 rubles). Will appear on sale in about a month.

PS On the hands was a sample with non-final software. When Oppo Find X2 appears on store shelves, the software will be updated.

Appearance, controls
The novelty has received the classic design that we have seen over the past years: an impressive-sized case, smooth corners and, of course (much without them!), A screen with curved edges. The frames are made of metal, and the sides are made of glass.

First look at Oppo Find X2
The device is elongated, but still quite thick – about 8 mm. It’s good in the hand, but it’s such a pleasure to use a display that floats on the side faces. Handsomely? Undoubtedly! Practical? Not at all. Even the ancestor of this disgrace – Samsung – in the new devices used flat screens with a slight 2.5D rounding.

First look at Oppo Find X2
At first glance, the glass on the back is easily soiled, oleophobic coating is, but I would like better.

Two colors will appear in Russia: black and blue. In the first case, you get ceramics, and in the second – glass. Representatives of the company assured that the cost depending on the materials will not change.

On the right is the power button, on the left are two separate volume keys. There is no 3.5 mm connector in this model.

First look at Oppo Find X2First look at Oppo Find X2
Below you will find USB-C, a slot for two SIM cards, a microphone and a speaker. Above is an extra microphone. The speaker is on the front panel. Together with the bottom, stereo sound is obtained.

First look at Oppo Find X2First look at Oppo Find X2First look at Oppo Find X2
The selfie camera was entered on the screen on the left. There is a fingerprint scanner under the screen. You can use face unlock. Everything works instantly.

First look at Oppo Find X2
On the reverse side is a large module with lenses, flash and laser focus. The module itself resembles that of the Honor View 30 Pro, the new Samsung Galaxy A and S series.

It is also worth noting tactile feedback. The impression is that different motors are used for vibration during a call and for tactile feedback. In the second case, the interaction resembles the Taptic Engine in the Apple iPhone. I haven’t figured it out to the end whether I like it or not.

From the specifications you could understand that the AMOLED matrix is used here, the screen diagonal is 6.7 inches. The resolution is high – QHD +, that is, 3168 × 1440 pixels.

First look at Oppo Find X2
It is worth highlighting support for HDR10 + and 10 bit color, the refresh rate of the screen is 60 or 120 Hz. Moreover, the frequency of 120 Hz can be selected without restrictions: whether it is screen resolution, high brightness of the matrix or the launch of the game. The main thing is that the application has the ability to display a picture at 120 Hz.

If you use the Oppo Find X2 for several hours at a frequency of 120 Hz and pick up a regular smartphone with 60 Hz, it seems that the old device is a complete brake. That is, a high refresh rate is not marketing. At least I clearly see the difference between 60 and 120 Hz. This is expressed in the output of a very smooth image.

First look at Oppo Find X2First look at Oppo Find X2
In addition, the sensor has a response of 240 Hz: it will be even more interesting to play shooters.

Another innovation is the Ultra Vision Engine processor. A hardware solution for motion compensation and HDR display. In the first case, the chip completes the missing frames in the video. This only works in streaming services or games. Writing a movie to memory and playing with high smoothness will not work.

Resource DisplayMate, specializing in test screens, rated A + smartphone Oppo Find X2.

The new Oppo Find X2 has a 4200 mAh battery. As I understand it, two 2100 mAh batteries are built inside the device.

The manufacturer claims that the battery should last for exactly one business day. However, accurate data and measurements are not yet available. Personally, I am confused by the small capacity and operation of the screen with a resolution of QHD + at 120 Hz. There is a feeling that we will get 3-4 hours of screen glow. However, we will not guess: in a week I will give you a full test of the device.

First look at Oppo Find X2
The network adapter received a powerful upgrade – 65 W (5V / 2A, 10V / 6.5A). This energy flow allows you to charge the phone up to 60% in just 15 minutes, and in 40 minutes – up to 100%. Naturally, the kit comes with a thick USB cable.

The smartphone has many protective measures, including that it understands when an original cable is used for charging. In this case, the current will be limited.

There is no wireless charging.

Here it’s literally a short line, because at first glance you can’t test a lot. The processor, as expected, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, RAM 12 GB, internal memory 256 GB.

The speed of RAM is 17 500 MB / s. In fact, not very much. We will write to the final software. The speed of the internal memory is 1300/630 MB / s – this is already an excellent speed!

First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2
In the Antutu benchmark, the Oppo Find X2 smartphone (QHD +, 120 Hz) is gaining almost 600,000 points. Heating was from 31 to 37 degrees.

First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2
In fact, I was expecting Oppo Find X2 to use some unique technology to create impressive shots. But, alas, everything is familiar:

First look at Oppo Find X2
48 MP main module, Sony IMX586 sensor, f / 1.7 aperture. There is optical stabilization.
12 MP wide-angle module, Sony IMX708 sensor, f / 2.2 aperture. Without optical stabilization.
13 MP zoom module, f / 2.4 aperture. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide accurate data on the optical zoom, it only says that it is a 5x hybrid. Without optical stabilization.
32 MP front module, Sony IMX616 sensor, f / 2.4 aperture.
The video device can record in resolutions up to 4K 60 fps. Wide angle is recorded only in FullHD resolution 30/60 fps. There is a special shooting with digital stabilization. However, in this case, the resolution is automatically reduced to FullHD.

At the moment, it is still difficult to assess the quality of video and pictures, since normal software has not yet been released. At first glance – so-so, you can look at the examples yourself.

First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2
Sample Photos

First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2 First look at Oppo Find X2
Video sample 1 (MP4, 72 MB) >>>
Video sample 2 (MP4, 33 MB) >>>
Video sample 3 (MP4, 36 MB) >>>
Video sample 4 (MP4, 86 MB) >>>

I spent several hours with the device and here is what I can say from the results of a short test:

  • The curved screen is not the best solution
  • The lack of wireless charging is a strange thing in 2020 for the flagship
  • Cameras without frills. If it were an inexpensive smartphone, then there would be enough opportunities. And in the flagship I would like to zoom more than 2x optical. Where are the modules on 64 MP or even 108 MP?

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