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Pocophone F2 (Pokofon F2) – Xiaomi’s new ultra-budget smartphone on Snapdragon 855
December 28, 2018
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Poco F2 Review
For most people, Xiaomi is nothing more than the embodiment of cheap but high-quality smartphones. This does not diminish the brand’s achievements in the field of flagships, but nevertheless, it is difficult to compare the company with large players. But this is for now, because in 2019 Xiaomi is preparing the flagship Mi 9, which should turn out to be uncompromising with the most advanced technologies. In addition to top-end smartphones, the company plans to release a continuation of the device called Pocophone F2. The pioneer Pocophone F1 was introduced at the end of summer 2018 and the smartphone became the most affordable device based on the Snapdragon 845 processor. Nevertheless, it was difficult to call it a flagship, because it was trimmed in cameras, received a plastic case, lost an NFC and an AMOLED screen. On the other hand, mobile gamers and just people who value the power of iron, without hesitation, they began to acquire a novelty, since the price of a smartphone really turned out to be unrealistically low. On average, 22,000 rubles, and this at the time, as the most affordable flagship Mi 8 was sold for at least 27-28 thousand rubles. Now Xiaomi wants to repeat and consolidate the success with the release of the Pocophone F2, which, perhaps, will be able to wipe the nose of competitors with not only price, but also appearance.

Pocophone F2 – the cheapest flagship on the Snapdragon 855
According to the latest data, Xiaomi does not want to abandon the concept of the most affordable smartphone based on the top Qualcomm chip, so there will also be no full-fledged flagship Pocophone F2. At the same time, the device does not apply to sub-flagships, since flagship chipsets are never lower than devices. So what is a Pocophone F2? The answer is simple – it’s a pseudo-flagman, that is, a smartphone similar to a top-end smartphone, but not one.

The predecessor of the Pocophone F1 boasts only the most powerful chip, but the device was borrowed from cameras by sub-flagship solutions, the screen also “stole” from the middle segment, and the case turned out to be a cheap plastic solution. Therefore, the smartphone was bought, bought and will continue to be acquired only by lovers of the flagship iron, beyond power, since the device has no more reasons for pride. Yes, he takes good pictures, his screen is acceptable, but this is the level of smartphones up to 15,000 rubles. It turns out that the Pocophone F2 will completely repeat the fate of Xiaomi F1 and turn out to be a device with which you can only select a chipset? – Yes and no!

Pokofon F2 – smartphone design, case materials
Poco F1, although it received a budget housing, still Xiaomi designers endowed the device with fashionable monobrow. In 2019, the trend will not be a drop-shaped cutout, as some might think, but a hole in the screen under the front camera. Samsung and Honor have already shown their vision of such a design, and other manufacturers will soon catch up. OnePlus, Huawei, Moto and others. Therefore, Xiaomi decided so – Poco F2 should also correspond to the trends of 2019, so there are no monobrow or drop-shaped cutouts, only a hole in the screen. The network even appeared renderings of the smartphone, which captured the full design of the new items. It is worth saying that this leak is not confirmed by any authoritative sources, so it should not be taken seriously.

So, the device should become completely frameless and on render frames are almost completely absent. However, this is certainly a lie, since the Poco F1 has more frames than the flagship Mi 8. Xiaomi will not make the most affordable device based on the Snapdragon 855 better than the Mi 9, so the smartphone will definitely get a chin and very noticeable frames around the entire perimeter of the screen. Also, the back cover of the device is imprinted on the renders, but it is impossible to understand what it is made of. Maybe glass, maybe plastic. We assume that the device will still receive an all-metal case. In addition, it is unlikely that the fingerprint scanner will move from the rear panel to the screen, but if this happens, then Xiaomi will use the oldest and slowest technology of the screen fingerprint. You need to save, minus no one is going to leave.

Pocophone F2 – specifications and camera
Most likely the device will receive a display with a diagonal of 6 to 6.3 inches with a resolution of Full HD +. No AMOLED, just an old, good IPS screen. The processor will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, which in addition to high performance will allow the device to work in networks of the 5th generation. Machine learning and all the power of the neural computing unit will allow Poco F2 to be as effective as other devices based on the Snapdragon 855. Since the smartphone will be the best solution for budget gaming, the RAM will be in the range of 6 to 8 GB, and the constant will be 64 up to 128 GB, although there is information about the 256 GB version of the device.

As for the main camera, only one is known so far – it will receive 4 photomodules. Such a decision seems unlikely, because before us is the most affordable smartphone on the Snapdragon 855, and not a full-fledged flagship. Yes, and the Poco F1 clearly does not flaunt a powerful camera, so the four-chamber Poco F2 is more of a throw than a truth. A dual camera device is provided, because even Mi 9 will receive a triple photo module. If somehow the Pocophone F1 gets four sensors, then this will be the level of the Galaxy A9. The Samsung device clearly does not shine with the quality of the photo, so there is no point in building cameras. Moreover, Xiaomi needs to save in order to invest in the budget of 300-350 dollars and the presence of countless cameras is clearly not conducive to this.

The current Poco F1 offers a 4000 mAh battery with support for fast charging. Poco F2 will also receive an immodest battery, but no longer 3800 mAh – nevertheless, due to the more energy-efficient process technology in 7-nm versus 10-nm, the difference in 200 mAh is leveled.

Pocophone F1 – release date and price
Most importantly, Poco F2 really continues the pleasant tradition with an incredibly low price tag in the presence of top-end iron. After all, there are fears that the Poco F1 was made in order to draw attention to the Xiaomi sub-brand and now the line will degenerate into an expensive flagship.

However, if you discard this, then expect the device is priced from 300 to 350 dollars, not more. It is too early to predict the device’s release date, but the Pocophone F2 is clearly coming sooner than its predecessor. Therefore, you should focus on the end of spring – the beginning of summer 2019.

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